Prenatal and Postpartum Sessions

― $25/hour ―

Doulas are not just for people in traditional family structures and their biological babies! Doulas are for everyone! 

Birthing surrogates and those who will be giving their newborn up for adoption are eligible for the Birth Doula Package, with a modified postpartum visit. This visit will focus on postpartum healing, addressing lactation, and processing the birth experience. 

Parents who are welcoming infants into their lives without having been pregnant also have a special set of needs. If this is your situation, prenatal and postpartum care is available to you, as well as herbal and nutritional support for those who would like to breast/chest-feed their new baby. 

Ritual Planning and Facilitation

― cost to be negotiated ―

Custom rituals for surrogacy and adoption situations can be a meaningful way of acknowledging the transfer of care of the child(ren) to their new family, and the wide array of emotions that can be involved in this process.