Placenta Encapsulation Package

― $200 ― (a $50 discount is available to Birth Doula Package clients) 

Placenta encapsulation is a process that consists of dehydrating the placenta at a low temperature over many hours, then grinding it and enclosing the powder in size 00 vegan capsules. I am FoodSafe Level 1 certified and trained in managing Bloodborne Pathogens - you can trust I practice universal precautions and maintain a high level of sanitation in my working space. 

I will treat your placenta with the respect it deserves!


  • Collection of the placenta from the birth place as soon as possible after the birth
  • Processing and returning the placenta products to you within 1-3 days of collection. 
  • Free cord keepsake


  • Placenta tincture (for long-term use) - $40
  • Placenta print - $20

Please inquire if you would like support with a different method of consuming your placenta, such as the steamed method of encapsulation or raw smoothie cubes. 

About the Placenta

The placenta is an organ that grows alongside the fetus and serves as a bridge for transferring oxygen and nutrients to the baby, and carrying waste products back out to the parent’s bloodstream. It is also the main producer of the hormones needed to support the pregnancy and labour. After birth, your body takes a few days to recalibrate itself, which can lead to mood swings and unpredictable energy levels - known as the “baby blues.” Many people find that consuming their placenta in the days and weeks after they give birth helps to minimize these symptoms and is a fulfilling way of honouring this amazing organ.