Due to some recent endings in my own life that are still feeling fresh, I have decided not to take on any Endings Support clients for the time being. If you are looking for support, I will do my best to refer you to a wonderful doula in your area who is doing this work. You may also find something of value on my Resources Page under "Unexpected Pregnancy Endings." 

Endings Support Doula Care

― $25/hour ― (plus cost of herbs)

I use pregnancy endings rather than pregnancy loss because I strongly believe that just because someone has died, or was never born, doesn’t mean that you’ve lost them. When you’re not expecting it, an unplanned end to a pregnancy can be devastating. As someone who is not afraid of grief, I can provide stable, nurturing companionship through this time. Each person’s needs will be different. As well as a listening heart, I can guide you through the physical changes happening in your body, and offer herbal, nutritional and homeopathic support as well as massage and reiki (energy healing). 

Ritual Planning and Facilitation

― cost to be negotiated ―

I also have training and experience in planning and leading rituals, if that is something that feels useful to you at this time (keeping in mind that there is no wrong time to have a ritual, and you may find drawn to have one weeks, months, or years down the road and that is perfectly valid). A ritual to honour a pregnancy and its ending may be as simple as a letter written by the parent(s), as public as a ceremony for friends and family, or anywhere in between. It will be crafted with your unique experience, beliefs and preferences in mind.