What is full-spectrum holistic doula care?

Traditionally, a doula is someone who supports people through pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. Having a full-spectrum practice means that I incorporate a wide range of reproductive health-related experiences into this offering, including pregnancy endings at any stage and for any reason.

A doula is not a medical professional, and does not provide medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. What a doula does do is to provide continual, personalized emotional, physical, and spiritual support throughout these experiences.

As a holistic doula, I am aware that Western medicine and its focus on physical processes only address one aspect of any experience, and I do my best to bring love and attention to all the other layers of what makes us human. I have training in an array of healing modalities, such as herbal support, reiki (energy healing), and acupressure.

There are colours in a spectrum that we haven’t yet learned to see… 

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Holistic Doula Scope of Practice*

*This is the scope of practice as defined by Pacific Rim College, where I received my birth doula training. Some of the language has been changed to be non-gendered. 

  • Holistic Doulas provide evidence-based physical, emotional, practical and moral support to pregnant, birthing and postpartum parents, partners and families.
  • Holistic Doulas recognize the limitations of their education and training and will recommend that clients seek professional advice and/or care when their needs exceed these limits.
  • Holistic Doulas are not in a position to diagnose, prescribe treatment or provide medical care. Specifically, they do not perform clinical procedures such as vaginal exams, fetal monitoring or procedures which break the skin.
  • Holistic Doulas respect the autonomy of their clients and seek to empower them. They do not speak for or advocate on behalf of their clients. They may suggest resources for clients and endeavour to enhance communication with the primary caregivers.
  • The relationship between the doula and the client is client-centred, in the sense that it is the client who determines the extent of the support required.
  • The Doula supports the client’s choices and does not impose their own values and beliefs on the client.